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A FREE communication tool for you to monitor and chat with your clients on your website, Facebook, Telegram and Viber.

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Add live chat support to yourAndroid and iOS apps in minutes

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Customers will love your app even more with live support

If you care about service quality, if you worry about solving customers' issues, if your priority is to gain traction on your mobile app – then stop doing what you're doing and grab our SDK from GitHub!

We've done most of the job for you

You won't have to add chat functionality manually
from scratch – the Jivo SDK comes with a ready-to-use customizable chat interface.

Just put the chat button anywhere in your app and you're ready to go! It's easier than copying/pasting from stackoverflow :).

Start talking to your app users – they have plenty to tell you

Download GitHub sources right now and take you customer support to the next level!

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