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A FREE communication tool for you to monitor and chat with your clients on your website, Facebook, Telegram and Viber.

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Engage your visitors immediately with Instant Callbacks

Do what live chat can't: give your website visitors the option to talk to a team member
on the phone within 30 seconds or less. Have them enter their phone number and interact with them instantaneously.

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Callbacks and chat teamed up in JivoChat

Chat is convenient for delicately accompanying customers on the website, and instant callbacks are perfect for actively completing transactions. Now, both of these technologies are combined into one solution.

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Get caller identification information

Be prepared for your conversation. When your team receives an incoming call, the JivoChat app will automatically alert you with detailed information about the caller. Find out how the visitor found your page, what city they live in, and what page they are currently viewing.

Talk on the phone and message in-chat at the same time

Callbacks work with chat so that you can take a call and recommend a product while sending documents, attachments, and links to your visitors.

This well-rounded customer service experience gives you a higher chance at closing sales right over the phone.

Receive calls

on mobile

in the JivoChat app

on SIP-phone

Accept and answer calls in the JivoChat app or on a SIP phone connected to your IP-PBX . For those who do not sit in the office – send calls directly to your mobile phone.

Callbacks help you get more mobile customers.

Mobile e-commerce is becoming more and more popular.
Today, 56% of all internet traffic comes from mobile phones & tablets.

Relax and watch your sales grow

Catch each client at the right time and call them instantly. If you line everything up correctly –
your number of calls and orders will increase significantly.

Activate the Callback feature now!

Callbacks will help your team to close more sales than ever before. Adding this feature to your regular live chat will boost your conversion rate in every step of the sales funnel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a callback work?

First, the client enters their phone number in the callback window. JivoChat simultaneously calls all active support agents who are able to receive the call. The first support agent to pick up the phone is connected with the client. Usually, it takes about 20 seconds for the whole process to be initiated. After the agent has been connected with the client, they have the option to simultaneously have an in-chat conversation as well.

How do I set up callback technology on my website?

If you already use JivoChat on your website, just turn on "Callbacks" in the admin panel. If JivoChat is not installed on your website, sign up for free and install the code according to the instructions.

Can I set up the conditions for when
and how the callback widget should work?

The callback settings are flexible. Choose when callback can be activated. For example, depending on the number of pages viewed, and/or the amount of time spent on the website. Also, you can set up different conditions for the appearance of the callback widget in order to increase its efficiency.

How will the agent know that there is a call from the website?

After picking up the handset and before connecting to the customer, the support agent will hear a voice notification that he/she accepted the call from the website. When the call is received, the JivoChat application will automatically open on the agent's computer and they will see detailed information about who is calling. For example: where did the visitor come from, what city they are from, and what page they are currently viewing.

How many agents can receive calls simultaneously?

You can add an arbitrary number of agents to receive incoming calls, however, simultaneous dialing will be done for no more than 9 numbers. If you assign more than 9 agents to receive calls for a website, then each call received will be sent to a random selection of 9 registered numbers and these ones will be dialed.

In which countries does this service work?

Callbacks can work all over the world :)

How are callbacks charged?

Calls are charged per minute. The number of calls is not considered. To start using the callback feature, recharge your account for 10 USD. You can pay in your local currency if you want to, but the money will be charged in US dollars, using the exchange rate of your bank. Forwards to a landline and mobile phones are charged separately.

Are calls charged separately?

Yes, the callback feature is paid separately from the Professional version of the chat. You can top-up the balance of calls and purchase an extended license on the Pricing page.

What can I do if I receive unwanted phone calls?

You can block trolls by phone number and by IP-address. In order to do that, just open the "troll" call in the log and click the "Block" button.

Where can I find the call log?

You can find the call log in the "Call Records" section of the admin panel. You can filter out calls in the general list by selecting "Show Calls" in the filter list.

How do I combine smart triggers with callbacks?

Live-chat is best suited for accompanying the client on the website and as an unobtrusive assistant in purchasing. A callback phone conversation is best suited for closing deals. We recommend setting up chats and calls so that during the exploration of your website, a chat invitation is displayed, but the callback proposal appears when you approach the purchase (for example, moving the goods to the cart or switching to the shopping cart view), or when there are signs of leaving the website (for example, if the mouse pointer crosses the top of the screen after viewing multiple pages).