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Why you need a CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) allows you to control all customer communication channels and automate sales. Increase sales by 29% by using CRM.
JivoChat CRM automates your sales process from the first request to the successful deal closing. No more lost requests and unhappy customers, only higher profit and organized work!

Advantages of JivoChat CRM

10 minutes to start working

This is the average amount of time required to connect to JivoChat CRM. Intuitive interface doesn’t require employee training, so you can earn more from the first day.
It’s easy to understand what’s going on with your business thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface.

Create deals directly in chat

In JivoChat CRM you can create a deal while talking to a client in chat, without switching anywhere – сonvenient and fast! Connect all communication channels to see the whole communication history with customers: we collect all requests, deal statuses, and results of managers' work.

Follow the agreements

Schedule tasks in JivoChat app and never forget about the next client contact. JivoChat will send a notification at the appointed time.
Customize CRM for yourself
Create your own set of funnel stages, reflecting your sales process. Create multiple funnels if the company has different scenarios for working with clients.

Identify weak points in the sales funnel

Make the list of lost deals to identify the "bottleneck", optimize it and get the maximum revenue growth.
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