API for developers

JivoChat provides developers with rich customization options for our products, as well as a large set of tools for convenient integration of their own and third-party business process automation solutions.

Widget API — allows you to manage the widget that is displayed to the website visitor. It can be used to control the chat window, and also to send additional information from the website page to the JivoChat App. For example, it is possible to send additional information about a client that will be also saved in the contact center.

Webhooks API — allows you to send notifications to your server about the certain events in the chat, such as the beginning or the end of a chat, and to send additional information to be displayed in JivoChat app as a response to HTTP-requests.

Chat API — allows you to process customer requests from any sources like mobile or desktop applications, or a fully customized widget on a website. Agents will receive requests in the JivoChat app similarly to other communication channels.

Bot API — allows you to connect chatbot platforms to any communication channels and transfer the chats to the chatbot provider for the preprocessing.

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