How to generate an aggregate report

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Please notice that only admins may generate aggregate reports.

You can generate an aggregate report containing data of up to 180 days of statistics from your work in the Jivo app.

To generate a report, please follow the steps below:

1.Open the Jivo web app, or any of our Desktop apps, and go to Statistics -> Aggregated Report.

2.Select an interval with up to 180 days and click “Download”. Choose if you want to generate the file in “Excel” or “CSV” format.

3.You’ll receive a notification saying that the file is being generated. Wait a few minutes until the file generation is completed. You can continue working in chats and calls while the file is being generated.

4.Once the file is ready, you’ll receive a new notification. Click “Download” or “Save file” to download your report.

Aggregated report by sites

This section will show the general statistics for all channels in the account:

1.Accepted Chats — chats where the agents clicked the “Accept”/“Reply” button in the notification;

2.Accepted Calls — calls answered by agents;

3.Missed Chats — chats which were not accepted by any agents (none of the online agents accepted the chat and 15 minutes passed by after the client had already left the website without being answered by anyone, or all agents logged out of the app while there were online chats waiting to be answered in the Inbox section);

4.Missed Calls — calls which were not answered by agents;

5.Accepted Chats Without Agent’s Answer — chats where the agent clicked to accept/reply but never sent an answer to the client before the chat was archived;

6.Offline Messages — messages sent from the offline form, which is shown to visitors when there are no agents online in chat.

Aggregated chats report by agents

This section will show the general statistics of each agent considering all channels they are assigned to:

1.Accepted Chats — chats where the agent clicked the “Accept”/“Reply” button in the notification;

2.Accepted Transferred Chats — chats accepted by the agent and then transferred to another agent;

3.Rejected Chats — rejected dialogs (clicking the “Later” or “Ignore” button on new chat notifications counts as one rejected chat; for each dialog in the “Inbox” section at the time the agent logs out or exits the application, it counts as a rejected chat);

4.Accepted Chats Without Agent’s Answer — dialogs in which the agent clicked “Answer” but didn’t send any answer before the chat was archived;

5.Online Time (hh: mm: ss) — total agent online time in the application.

Report by site

Agents’ statistics separated individually by each existing channel in the account:

The parameters are the same as the “Aggregated chats report by agents”.

That’s it!

Do you still have any questions? Our support team will be more than happy to help you 24×7 in the chat on our site.