Integration with Ramex CRM

Included for free in plans

The integration allows sync your leads. We will update contact info (name, email and phone number) for leads in your CRM.

To connect Ramex navigate to JivoChat, open Manage panel, proceed to Integrations and click on Ramex.

You will need to fill out the opened form:

1.API key. Login to your Ramex panel, navigate to Настройки (Settings) > Интеграция (Integration) > Сайт (Site). Copy your API key and use it for this field.

2.Integration name. Put any name you’d like to use for this integration. It wouldn’t be visible for anyone but your account admins.

3.Select channels for this integration. Click on the field and check desired channels in dropdown menu.

Hit the Connect button and you are all set.

Congratulations! JivoChat data will be automatically transferred to your CRM system from now on. After connecting, the integration will appear in the "Connected integrations" list, where you can change its settings and view the event logs.

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